Sunday, 9 February 2014

with gratitude to the memory of Robin Kirk - former principal of the London School of Osteopathy

Sad to hear about this. Robin did a lot for us all, didn't he? A bit like learning about the passing of one's old headmaster - and helping to remind us all of our own mortality. He even told me about his native NZ, and where I was going to, on my first job here in Raglan and Hamilton.
Even though he wasn't sure about Acupuncture, and how I could and do integrate it with Osteopathy  -  Robin felt that there was an infinite depth to Osteopathy - which indeed there is.  He did a lot for the Osteopathic profession.
I was never one of the brightest or easiest students for the LSO teaching faculty to cope with (putting it mildly!) yet he got me through - for which I am eternally grateful. Well you all did (LSO).
Response to (facebook post):
It was with sadness that we heard the news of Robin Kirk’s death on 3rd February. Robin acted as assistant to John Wernham and was a stalwart for osteopathy in ...the UK and he will genuinely be missed by many friends and colleagues. A member of the ICO, he was a particular support to students and staff associated with the organisation, most notably when it was going through difficult times with college validations.


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