Monday, 10 February 2014

Traditional Acupuncture vs so called 'western' acupuncture - here in NZ

The former ex-chairperson of the Osteopathic Council NZ - that great champion of 'Dry Needling' and 'raising standards' has confused everybody by now calling Dry Needling 'Western Acupuncture' - and understandably, in the process, pissed off my colleagues in the NZ Register of Acupuncture.
The only distinction between Traditional Acupuncture and the Western Acupuncture is length (and emphasis) of training - but the former ex-chairman of the Osteopathic Council NZ seems incapable of understanding the more esoteric side of our profession(s) e.g. Cranial Osteopathy and 'thorough' (i.e. complete, traditional) Acupuncture. OK perhaps this is, after all, just practical necessity of registration and regulation.

I am worried - I think we all should be - plans and proposals within the Osteopathic Council (NZ) to regulate pediatrics as a specialism - if this means pediatirc courses ever become mandatory. These will not be Sutherland or other osteopathic courses (e.g. those of Caroline Stone) - but medical pediatric post-graduate diplomas. I don't think it has really sunk in yet - just where these plans may ultimately lead the osteopathic profession here in NZ - and the absurdity of someone like you - and other experienced practitioners - NOT being able to call themselves specialists in pediatrics!

Although many osteopaths here in NZ trained in long traditional acupuncture courses, and are 'proper' acupuncturists - with infinitely more training hours than, for example, the ex-chair of the Osteopathic council ever did - we are in the absurd position of never (without extensive courses in Auckland ) being able to call ourselves 'specialists' in Acupuncture (as osteopaths)! Let us hope that the same thing never happens to you and all the excellent present pediatric osteopaths out there!

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