Sunday, 1 October 2017

earlier opening (from 07.30am) for osteopathy and acupuncture here in Christchurch

Just to let everyone know that now it's possible to book your osteopathy and/or acupuncture appointment earlier, from 7.30am on weekdays.

This is great if this is the only time you have, before work, or before taking the children to school!
These earlier appointment times also work for children too!

Best to book your appointment in the usual way.  Please try to book online at:

It's a good idea to book for your osteopathy or acupuncture treatment the day before, or even a few days before.

Of course, if you're really stuck, and can't book online, you can still phone on 03 980 2425.
And there are still often weekend and After Hours osteopathy and acupuncture appointments available.

But the early times (7.30am, 8.00am, 8.15am) might be very helpful if this is the only time you, or a family member, can get in for their osteopathy or acupuncture treatment.

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