Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Back from the UK. Clinic fully Open again for Osteopathy / Acupuncture

For anyone who is feeling the Spring Frenzy as the manic run up to the holidays approaches, with deadlines and trying to get everything done and completed.  So if you are in need of Osteopathy / Acupuncture and well-deserved maintainennce to get you through until the 24th, and the holidays  . . .

Just to let everyone know that I am now back from my annual November Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy study-trip and a rather wonderful meditation retreat in the UK.  And, yes, I missed all the excitement and shaking of our geologically unstable home here in the South Island.  My friends in the UK thought it was Christchurch, as Kaikoura was not mentioned as the epicenter of the quake on the initial News release.

And for those of you that heard about the Melbourne Pollen Acute Asthma episode, and how the hospitals were unable to cope that day,  well,  need I say more.  Perhaps you understand why I visit the UK in November (also pretty cheap flights  -  although, admittedly I do sometimes feel guilty about my carbon-footprint. Guess, flying on half empty planes helps a bit.)  Remind me never to visit my friends in Melbourne, or ever do any Osteopathy courses - well never in November anyway.

Anyway, the Osteopathy clinic here in Christchurch is fully open, as always, for Osteopathy and / or Acupuncture, including Saturdays, and Evening After-Hours appointments.   There will no doubt be that last minute rush, just before the holidays  (yes, I have a Family Holiday, and then another retreat booked in January, lucky me.)

So, of you do want to book in, then it's easy to book online: www.christchurch-osteopathy-acupuncture.co.nz,  or just phone 03 980 2425

Should I say 'Season' Greetings' as the say for the Festive period in the Northern Hemisphere (soon mid-winter),  Well, the long summer break is almost here . . .