Friday, 30 May 2014

ice may no longer be the treatment of choice for injuries.

This recent article ( see link below - although you may have to copy and paste this into your browser)

suggests that ice - certainly excessive or prolonged icing - may actually slow down the healing process:

''Applying ice causes blood vessels around the injury to constrict and shut off the blood flow that brings in the inflammatory cells needed for healing. The vessels do not open again for hours after the ice is applied. Decreased blood flow can cause tissue to die and even result in permanent nerve damage. In addition, the ice reduces pain, which is an alert to avoid motion that may be harmful.''

The study was published in the Journal of Strength and conditioning research.  I've always suspected that icing may not always be helpful.  By all means use ice for ACUTE injuries (first several hours only), but certainly not for sub-acute, or chronic injuries - where cooling will retard tissue perfusion and therefore tissue healing.  Interestingly traditional medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) has always favoured heat over ice.  Maybe its just the obsession of western physical therapy with sports injuries, who knows?

I've always found that Acupuncture is very helpful, not just for pain relief, but to actually promote soft-tissue healing, and faster recovery.  For more on this see:

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Of course, also making a very accurate musculoskeletal and/ or osteopathic diagnosis in any injury is also essential.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Why Mindfulness is better than chocolate

You might want to check out this interesting new book by David Mitchie called 'Why Mindfulness is better than chocolate'. (The first chapter is available free online - from this link).  Sorry - you'll probably have to copy and paste the link into your browser.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Osteopathy and Acupuncture - but as someone asked me yesterday in a Mindfulness class if I did Acupuncture -  then the answer is of course 'yes' (as I'm sure you all know).

The conversation also revolved around the benefit of mindfulness for depression, and prevention of relapse into depression.  And also that Acupuncture can also be used to help with depression.

If you want to book for Osteopathy and Acupuncture, either phone 03 980 2425, or book online:

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mindfulness course: places still available for 30 July. Early booking advised. For Osteopathy and Acupuncture treatment - phone 03 980 2425, or book online:

Just to let everyone know that the Mindfulness courses I run at the Risingholme Community Center in Opawa seem to be filling up this year.  There are still spaces available for the 8 week course starting on Wednesday 30th July, but early booking would be a good idea.

If you want to see me for Osteopathy or Acupuncture treatment,  then either phone 03 980 2425, or book online at

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I AM (a poem)


I am birth and new life
I am the laughter of a child

I am the face of the beloved
I am that love which has no name

I am also the wind and rain
I am the clouds in the summer sky

I am the oceans and the tides,
the seasons and the sunrise.

I am the stars and silver moon
I am the Earth and all her children

I am the tender kiss and the lover’s touch
I am also the torture and the pain

I am also that which is ignorant and vain
I am also that greatest ignorance – unaware of all that I am

I am the illusion of a separate self and name.
I am also healing and love to make whole again.

I am also all the suffering of the world and all its pain

I am also the last breath, and the re-becoming again.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

2014 as the year of mindful living, and the things mindful people do differently everyday

If you are interested in mindfulness . . . and it appears that mindfulness is now mainstream.

2014 it seems has been called the year of Mindful living:

You might also want to read this article on the things mindful people do differently everyday:

For more on mindfulness in Christchurch:

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Healing, Spirit, and Acupuncture

Healing is not just a property of the physical body . . . we
are all mind-bodies, so that healing, like health and illness,
must also be psychosomatic.''

Andrew Weil

In our physical life, the spirit needs physical reality in
order to express itself, and that physical reality needs to
be controlled and inspired by the spirit.

When blood and qi are harmoniously composed,
nutrition and defence circulating and communicating
freely, the five zang are perfectly achieved so that the qi
is able to support the spirits to dwell in the heart, hun and po
and possess all their capacities - this perfect achievement is
a human being.

Qi Bo to the Yellow Emperor

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

after hours Osteopathy and Acupuncture appointments

Just to remind you that After Hours evening Osteopathy and Acupuncture appointments are still available.

As late afternoon and evening Osteopathy and Acupuncture appointments (from 4.30pm onwards) continue to be popular - it is often a good idea to book several days ahead, to ensure that you get the time and day that suits you best.

To book, either phone 03 980 2425, or book online at

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Clinic open here on Saturdays for Osteopathy and Acupuncture. After hours Osteopathy and Acupuncture appointments are also available - to book:

Just to remind everyone that the clinic here is open on Saturdays, so if you would like Osteopathy and/or Acupuncture and find it difficult to get in during the week - then you might find that a Saturday appointment will work well for you.

Also if you (or a friend or family member) live outside Christchurch and would like Osteopathy or Acupuncture treatment (and find there are no osteopaths or acupuncturists where you live) then a Saturday could work well for you.

Of course, the after hours appointments continue to be popular for Osteopathy and Acupuncture - for people to come in the evenings.  If you would like an Osteopathy / Acupuncture After hours appointment then it is a good idea to book a week (or at least several days) ahead.

You can easily book online from the 'real time' internet diary, and see all the available Osteopathy and Acupuncture appointments across the whole week (including Saturdays and evenings)

or phone 03 980 2425