Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Osteopathy (and Acupuncture) appointments available on Saturdays. No additional fee for After-Hours appointments

Just to let everyone know that the clinic here is open most Saturdays, so if you need any Osteopathy (or Acupuncture) and can't get in during the week (or have to travel some distance in from outside of Christchurch) then generally there are Osteopathy (and Acupuncture) appointments available on most Saturdays.  There is no additional fee for After-Hours osteopathy appointments (and this applies to evenings also).

Many people have an Osteopathy appointment which may include some Acupuncture also.  So you can decide to receive both.   There is, of course, no additional fee for this.  But if you want to have Osteopathy alone, with no Acupuncture, then this is fine.

You can easily book your own Osteopathy appointment online from the website:

Or you can phone:  03 980 2425

If you want to know more about the clinic and Osteopathy, you might want to look at:

And, if you want to know a little more about Acupuncture, please look at

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