Monday, 20 July 2015

for my NZRA acupuncture colleagues here in Christchurch

Just a reminder for NZRA acupuncturists that tonight, for the Christchurch group peer-group meeting, I will be presenting a session on case-history taking, professional standards and medical ethics.

So if you are an acupuncturist then it would be good to see you there.  We will look at this important topic, and also perhaps discuss some recent cases concerning acupuncturists and osteopaths. If you do come, then please bring your case-history form, and any information you give to new patients - as we shall discuss this.  Some of the things that new patients coming to my clinic can expect is summarised on my web-page:

If you can't get to Christchurch this evening, I'll try to summarise our discussion in a future blog in a few days time.

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