Thursday, 12 November 2015

already registered for the so-called western medical acupuncture scope of practice. No worries. Conversations like this perhaps can also help safeguard both the Osteopathic and Acupuncture professions

Don't worry, I myself have now successfully registered in the so called Western Medical Acupuncture scope of practice (essentially to cover myself) and so have most of the other TCM trained acupucturist-osteopaths, or so I believe.

It's just that we osteopath-TCM acupuncturists have almost been coerced into doing so.  Not something that rests lightly with my egalitarian-liberal sentiments, and perhaps not something that the osteopathic profession (and the osteopathic council) should be proud of.

If we allowed this to happen to a relatively powerless minority of just a few of us - just think what might be in store for many more of you, my dear osteopath colleagues.

There are wheels slowly turning, if you haven't noticed  (I better not say the vice slightly closing - to strong a metaphor, I agree).  And as all of us osteopaths are only to keenly aware, there is still a lot in the pipeline with the pending paediatric specialism registration issue, if you haven't noticed.  Read the writing on the wall.  I hope its good, and I hope you like what it's going to say before it get's carved in stone.

I don't care, I don't treat children.  I and some of my TCM acupuncture-osteopath friends and colleagues have already been burned. A baptism of fire that we didn't necessarily want, and didn't see coming.

So what is the pebble pad professional osteopathic CPD portfolio forum for, or indeed any social networking including this Facebook page for - if not for exactly this kind of discussion?

Be grateful for this, as both S and our beloved osteopathic council have graced us with the wonderful social networking medium by forcing us to do our CPD online as a portfolio that can also create and share conversations like this.  Lucky us.  I hope we learn to use it wisely.  Perhaps the osteopathic pepple pad portfolio might after all be the saving grace of the osteopathic profession.  Let's hope so.

Any reflections, comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

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