Wednesday, 4 March 2015

mentoring for Osteopaths: self-reflective learning journal.

Having attended the Osteopathic Council Mentoring training last last weekend in Auckland  (28/02 to 01/03) I am now able to begin the mentoring process for overseas osteopaths entering NZ, wishing to gain full registration with the Osteopathic Council NZ.

The preceptoring (mentoring) process makes use of a reflective portfolio for osteopaths gaining full registration.  This is the same platform as the self-reflective learning journal that will soon be used for ongoing re-certification for all osteopaths in NZ.  Nurses, occupational therapists and other professions use a similar process.

NZ register of Acupuncture continuing professional development will continue to be based on courses or webinars, according to the number of hours.

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