Sunday, 13 July 2014

'Western Medical Acupuncture' registration: diplomacy in the enemy camp

Why I'm considering Western Medical Acupuncture registration:

under ACC regulations I cannot do a 'combined' treatment - i.e. 'mix and match'.  

At the moment I am in an ethical dilemma, as I have to bill either (and exclusively) for either Osteopathy or Acupuncture, and therefore cannot perhaps (if ACC were to really fussy) mix and match - which is usually in the patient's best interests, for the best possible treatment for them. 

If I were also registered under a Western Medical Acupuncture scope of practice - then no one could find fault with this.

Also, I intend to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine 'behind enemy lines' as it were - as many osteopaths are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, beyond and in addition to the Western Medical Acupuncture approach.

So rather that 'dancing with the devil'  I see this more as 'diplomacy in the enemy camp'.  And even such abrasive personalities as S, do have some redeeming graces.  Better communication and contact (speak their language) than division and 'tribalism'.

So despite my earlier blog  - perhaps involvement, debate and communication is the best way forward.  It usually always is.

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