Saturday, 24 May 2014

I AM (a poem)


I am birth and new life
I am the laughter of a child

I am the face of the beloved
I am that love which has no name

I am also the wind and rain
I am the clouds in the summer sky

I am the oceans and the tides,
the seasons and the sunrise.

I am the stars and silver moon
I am the Earth and all her children

I am the tender kiss and the lover’s touch
I am also the torture and the pain

I am also that which is ignorant and vain
I am also that greatest ignorance – unaware of all that I am

I am the illusion of a separate self and name.
I am also healing and love to make whole again.

I am also all the suffering of the world and all its pain

I am also the last breath, and the re-becoming again.

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