Monday, 20 January 2014

for Osteopaths in UK (and Ireland) LSO cohort of 2005, and NZ immigration pathway

The Immigration pathway is a little tighter than previously, and now any osteo coming here needs a 'proper' job, i.e. to be employed for miniumum 30 hours per week. This can be split over two or more clinics, but someone has to 'sponser' you, i.e. officially be your 'employer'.

A bit of a problem for me - if I only need a 'part-timer' as an assoicate, to start with.

Still, if anyone you know is thinking of coming here - I can tell them the best people to contact (submit a CV) to find a prospective 'employer' to naviagate the immigration route.

Stiofan is now in Australia - after having been chairman of OCNZ for several years.

Steve Mc Cann, and Neil Alladance (LSO, one year ahead of us) are both here near Christchurch.

Hope everyone is doing well in UK. Seem to stay in touch on Facebook (Rob Marshall, Hillary, etc)

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