Monday, 26 August 2013

Fees - (Osteopathy or Acupuncture, or both): $70 — Children, students and community card holders: $60

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides personal injury cover for all New Zealanders and also temporary visitors. You will need to fill out a form when you visit your Osteopath (or GP).

ACC surcharge: $40
ACC surcharge for children (under 17), full-time students (under 22), and Community card holders: $30

No GP referral is required for ACC. I can register an accident for you with ACC

No EFTPOS, cash or cheque preferred.

There is no charge for changing or cancelling an appointment. However a $30 cancellation fee may be charged for failing to attend, changing or cancelling an appointment at less than 4 hours notice.

These fees offer exceptional value for money for a highly experienced practitioner, after-hours service, treatment time of 45 minutes (longer than most other clinics) and if required and/or requested Acupuncture in addition to Osteopathy. Medical insurance sometimes covers Osteopathy fees.

Osteopathy treats a range of health issues including acute pain from injury and trauma, and chronic pain from occupational stress and repetitive strains.

Acupuncture works with single-use disposable needles inserted below the skin. The scientific basis of how acupuncture works is related to changes in blood flow to promote soft-tissue healing, and effects on the nervous system.

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